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Gurupresario; A concierge service catered to executives, independent entrepreneurs, and board management...

My process is simple and 3 tiered:

Phase 1: Rebranding (if needed) & Web Presence Development
-In this phase I focus on the idea of your brand and it’s unique story. We need to be sure the world understands who you are and what you do. SEO integration and coding is inclusive in this vital step of our relationship.

Phase 2: Content Creation
-This phase involves building the image of the business or practice through video and photographic images. Simply said, the story is told in a manner that is most appealing to the eye. This includes print ad creation for that next issue magazine you were looking forward in premiering.

Phase 3: Management & Maintenance
-By this phase, your website and online channels are well embedded in the minds of your clientele. The focus here now diverts to managing that all mediums exerted speak your company-brand’s image. Maintaining a newsletter, marketing campaign, chat wizard on your channels are inclusive in this phase of our relationship.